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Thank you very much for visiting our site.  Junction Threads was created by students in the Carl Junction High School Business Management classes.  We operate Junction Threads to fulfill the dual purpose of providing high quality Bulldog Spirit Wear while using profits to fund special events and programming within the school district.  Each of our orders is custom made by students in our Graphic Designs Class (CJ Designs) and our website is managed by students in our Web Design Class.  Please let us know how we can meet your needs for Bulldog gear!

Below are some of the activities that are funded through the profits of Junction Threads.  Each is carried out by students in our Leadership in the Workplace/Service Learning classes:

  • Team Bulldog - High school mentors partner with 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.  They meet with their groups during lunch, homeroom, and recess and work together on social skills, critical thinking, team building, emotional, and academic skills.  Each member of service learning is partnered with 2 students and meets with each one individually for 30 minutes every other week. We currently have 63 high school students working with 130 intermediate students.  Profits from Junction Threads are used to purchase Team Building Materials and Board Games.

  • Reading Buddies - Students partner with Kindergarten and 1st grade students who are learning how to read.  High school students utilize the 'Fab 4' reading strategies of reciprocal teaching to support their reading buddies in literacy development.  Students meet with each of their 2 buddies individually for 30 minutes every other week.  We currently have 63 high school students working with 126 K-1 students.  Profits from Junction Threads are used to purchase age-appropriate books.

  • Special Education Partnership - Students prepare appropriate lessons to help students in special education classes achieve the goals that are documented on their IEPs.  High school students team-teach 60 minute classes every 2 weeks.  We currently have 18 high school students working with the life skills special education classes in the 2-3 and intermediate buildings.  Profits from Junction Threads are used to purchase teaching materials and team building supplies.

  • Veteran's Day Assembly - Students planned a Veteran's Assembly and reception to honor local Veterans while providing an educational opportunity to the junior high and high school students.  More than 110 Veterans attended the assembly.  In conjunction with the assembly students honored Veterans at a home football game.  Profits from Junction threads are used to purchase the invitations and decorations for the assembly and the refreshments for the reception and football game.

White Day 

Joe Wolf, Bailey Anderson, Aaron Ludders, Jeffrey Dankleson, Hosea Jones, Ashlyn Pope, Hannah Wilson, Taylor Cowan, Ruth Graham, Shawn Shoemaker, Brecklyn Baine, Lucas Berliew & Kamryn Colburn


Red Day Managers

Anna Pence, Justine Rydosz, Weston Wendt, Chris Bennish, Lily Pyle, Olivia Lewis, Colton Kennedy, Brooks Neria, Gabby Colgin, Macayla Jaeger